Learn how to open and close a position. What is the difference between a public and private position.

1. If the eye is green, the position is public. To make a position private (not visible for the potential applicants) unroll the menu and choose “Switch to private”.


2. If the eye is grey, the position is private. To make it public, unroll the EDIT menu and choose “switch to public.”


 piblic, close, duplicate - Copy

3. If you want to close a position, unroll the menu and choose CLOSE. After closing a position, all candidates will be stored in your talent pool.

4. Unroll the menu MORE by a particular position and choose DUPLICATE POSITION. These data are duplicated: position info, visual job ad, company info and hiring team. These data are NOT COPIED: candidates and the number of shares, views and referrals.

piblic, close, duplicate


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