InHiro ATS for hotels: Upgrade your recruiting

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Staffing season is here. InHiro software helps you manage your recruiting.

If you only keep candidate contacts in emails, excel spreadsheets, or just in your memory, you might be losing talented people! Just as you use online software to help you manage bookings and suppliers, there’s a smart way to simplify hiring.

1. The right candidate, at the right time

You often need to quickly contact a substitute to jump in for a colleague. With InHiro, all your contacts (and also candidates from a staffing agency) are kept in a smart database, complete with communication history, ratings and contacts. Save money on personal agencies.

2. Publish open jobs on your website

Make it easy for candidates to apply for your job openings, with only 1-click. Simply open a position and it automatically appears on your website!

3. Let your colleagues help you

You can invite as many colleagues as you wish – they help you decide by adding ratings, comments. They can even suggest new candidates you can hire in the future.

4. Have control over staffing agencies and other candidate sources

Get candidates from a career email, own website or recruiting agencies. Wouldn’t it be great if you always knew how effective each source is?

sourcing stats

sourcing stats


Winter is coming. Be prepared with a right recruiting tool: