When looking for new colleagues, companies struggle to find specialists, because job boards don’t work for them anymore. Job boards require active candidates while the best people in the field are usually passive candidates – they need to be found.

The future of sourcing is active sourcing

Nothing is more effective than talent sourced by a team themselves – this is the main idea of our new product: InHiro Tipster

Another big truth is that the more, relevant people are involved in sourcing, the more talent is found. The only problem we might face is why should they do it in the first place. It should be simple, easy and engaging. That’s why instead of complicated referral programs InHiro works as a simple button in your browser. You just have to click the button and the candidate profile is saved automatically to your talent pool.

The future of candidate resume is no resume at all

Yeah, forget about resumes as we know it. Resumes of 21st century are social network profiles, blogs and personal sites all around the internet.

That’s why InHiro Tipster works on any website on the internet:



The future of motivating employees is gamification

What is more we turned sourcing into a game, because we know motivating colleagues to help you with something can be impossible. That’s why it should be fun. We’re using gamification principles like leaderboards, tasks, rewards and even easter eggs to keep employees intrinsically motivated.

If everything goes well we’ll launch InHiro Tipster in couple weeks. Don’t miss it, let us your email and we’ll let you know: