You know that little link namedĀ JOBS or CAREERĀ in the footer of your website? That’s your career page!

Did you know that your true fans tend to regularly check open positions on your career website?

What are the most alarming problems with company career page:

  • It’s never updated – people usually forget about it
  • The right people don’t have access for editing or it’s complicated
  • It’s hosted somewhere else but not on your site

With InHiro applicant tracking system your career page is automatically updated without begging your IT or marketing department to help you. And what is more new positions automatically adapts to the design of your site.

Here are some inspiring career sites of companies that implemented InHiro to their site

1. – simple and efficient


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2. PlanetRomeo – use the traffic from your site

Boris Graafland from PlanetRomeo wrote about InHiro career page:
“We have been using the InHiro account embedded on our company website for a while and are very pleased with it.”
And so are we:

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3. Leaf – introduce your team

Career site is a great place to introduce your team culture.
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4. Neulogy Ventures – show your portfolio

Do you have portfolio of many companies? You career page might be like a job board. This customised solution is great for coworking centres, job boards, resorts, universities, etc.
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PS: Is your career page missing in this list? Let us know!