I’ve seen it so many times. The essence of great teamwork spoiled by managers who hired a total a##hole who ruined everything.

Great team is alchemy. It should be preserved and developed at the same time. Grow it but don‘t spoil it – you might say.

Who knows better who would fit in the team – than team members themselves?

A few tips on how to make your team work when it comes to hiring.

1. Let your team find new colleagues

Don’t bother them with referral links. It’s time-consuming!

Instead, try using smarter tools for team recruitment, such as this browser plugin InHiro Tipster and let them bookmark interesting talent straight into your talent database!

2. Don’t use financial rewards for referrals

Financial reward is a double-edged sword. In short-time, it can boost the referral activity of your team, but the moment you start paying for a talent advice, you loose them. They are not looking for people they would like to work with anymore, they are after the money.

The base of true intrinsic motivation develops when people like their jobs and want people around them that would help them grow. However, another way of how to get them involved is the magic potion of a happy team – fun.

Indeed, recruiting can be seen as a fun team game. Check it out >

3. Invite candidate for an interview hackathon, team building, beer,…

Let the team chemistry develop. Interviews are too formal and might be too scary for the candidate. Sure, skills are important, but so is a happy satisfied team. Next time, try this as the second stage of your recruiting process.

Sure, team dynamics and chemistry are more complex. According to Dr. Scott Williams of Wright State University, team chemistry is one of the most complicated keys to success of organizations. Efficient teams are more than just a collection of talented individuals.

But the universal truth is:

“Better have a hole in the team than an a##hole”

and who would evaluate that better than your own team :)