InHiro offers a way for you to keep track of open and done tasks. This way, you never forget what needs to be done, always on time.


Creating tasks

Creating tasks is easy. Click on the “Agenda” anywhere within InHiro and simply start typing. With advanced options, you can:

  • add a more thorough description
  • specify a position this task is connected with
  • set an assignee
  • specify a candidate this task is related with
  • set task type
  • set deadline and a reminder for this task

Screenshot 2015-12-15 16.19.04


Filtering tasks

Filter options are always available on the right. Filter tasks based on assignees, deadline, task type and candidates. Fulltext search is also supported.

Screenshot 2015-12-15 13.35.58


Automatic tasks creation, based on your recruiting workflow

InHiro can automatically create tasks based on how you work with your candidates. For example, InHiro can automatically create a task when a candidate is 2 or more days in the funnel “Interview”. Each funnel can be associated with more rules.