Invite Users And Set Their Roles

1. Go to Company settings



2. Find USERS and ROLES



2. To invite a new user click on INVITE NEW USER and send them an email invitation.

A new user could be a recruiter, manager or colleague involved in hiring, an agent from an agency or your employee.



3. Once the user is added, assign him a role. There are 3 different roles:

  • Admin – has access to everything in a company account, can invite new users, can create and see all positions. (Recruiter, HR manager etc.)
  • Member – has access only to candidate and position data where a user is part of the Hiring team. (Team Leader, Manager, Advisor etc.)
  • Agency – has access to specific positions only (the agency is a part of Hiring team) and candidates are added by the agency itself.


4. You have to add a member and agency to HIRING TEAM for a particular position. Otherwise, they won’t see any data.


5. If you are an admin or member you can set the note visible or invisible for an agency.


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