To fully use tipster you need to learn 3 main activities:

1. invite tipsters

2. see and accept tips

3. create a challenge to initiate sourcing

1. Invite tipsters  (employees, other contacts etc.). We recommend to send an explanation letter or inform your colleagues about this new activity personally before sending the email invitation.

=> Go to company settings and find tipsters.



=> Click on invite new tipsters.


=> Email sent to a tipster


2. Check the new tips.

=> Click on the number under Tipster suggestions on your dashboard.



=> Accept or decline the tip. Click on the source link to see the profile.




=> Fill in the candidate’s profile before acceptance.




3. Create a new challenge

Tipsters can send tips to your talent pool or to a particular vacancy for which you have created a challenge.



=>  Click on edit by a position you want to create a challenge for.



=> Choose the tab CHALLENGE. Write a challenge and send the email notification.



=> Once you open a new challenge, all your tipsters receive an email notification.

Example of an email sent to a tipster.


tipster7 new challange email


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