Software Developer Full-Stack

1700€ + (na základe skúseností)


Bratislava, Slovakia

Job description

As a Software Developer you are responsible for a complex life-cycle of our software products. You accompany the whole process from the analysis of the requirements and the concept creation, over the creation of software designs, software implementation, documentation, software tests and system deployment.

Firma 200 zamestnancov v ramci EU. Timy su v Berline, Frankfurte, Litve a Bratislave.

Komunikačný jazyk je angličtina, malý tím si siahne na všetko cez FE až po databázu (full stack).

Hľadá sa technicky seniorný človek, ktorý je schopný čítať a upravovať kód. Komplexná .NET pozícia, inžinier, architekt. Full stack pozícia, ktorej súčasťou je aj kódovanie. Ide o robustný ERP systém rozdelený na micro services a tie sa riešia úplne podrobne. Po nasadení sa ide na ďalší service. Micro service je úplne v kompetencii konkrétneho tímu. Tímy sú medzinárodné. Žiadna zložitá organizačná štruktúra, tím ma v mnohom voľné ruky. Veľmi flexibilná a promptná komunikácia. Žiadny korporát, žiadne nadčasy. Sídlo v Zuckermadeli s krásnym výhľadom.


Are you a University graduate in computer science or comparable discipline and already have at least two years of working experience? Besides your enthusiasm for software development you also have understanding of software architecture, analytical thinking and ambitions for high quality standards. 

As Software Developer Full-Stack you use your knowledge in Backend- as well in Frontend-technologies, in consideration of common design patterns and clean code standards. You must enjoy using agile development methods and appreciate the benefits of the source code management with Git and and a continuous integration toolchain. 

In addition you are used to work independently and take responsibility for your projects. Your quick grasp, abstract thinking and analytical approach to problem solving are essential in your daily work. You also convince because of your friendly and open-minded personality and excellent team working skills. Good spoken and written English complete your profile.

Additional experience/skills would be an advantage:

  • Developing of web applications (HTML, JS, CSS, preferably SPAs with Angular, Typescript)
  • Developing of Backend-Services/ Web-Services (REST/ HATEOS, preferably in the .net toolset)


… are diverse! Do You want to make a difference? CID offers you this opportunity in our economically stable and growing company group. Besides daily tasks and responsibilities you also get great challenges and possibility to actively shape the future, introduce new ideas and participate in their realization.

You will be part of a flexible, highly motivated and young team. Openness and friendliness as well as a very pleasant and modern working environment will enable an easy start with us. 

At CID we develop groundbreaking products for the top players in various industries. 

Here you will find direct communication and quick decisions. The assignment of tasks in projects and the collaboration with worldwide leading technology partners offer best conditions for your further professional development that we would like to support. 

As we are interested in a long-term cooperation we are seeking to sign full-time permanent contract after a successful trial period.

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Our Hiring team


Michaela Konecna

HR Consultant


Barbora Bagyurova

Talent Sourcer

Who is Our Client?

CID: Competence you can trust in the IT business

With CID you can count on an absolute reliable partner. We are among the leading companies for e-Business solutions and enable the efficient integration of modern technologies in the business process.
The modular structure of our software solutions makes it straightforward to further develop individual parts with a consistent investment security. Our company is geared towards the needs of upper-middle-sized and large customers. We deliver high product quality to create sophisticated IT solutions and provide an excellent service as can be expected of us in this area.

Since 1997 when CID GmbH was founded, we have managed a successful business as an independent IT system house active on the international market. With a strong customer- and service-oriented orientation, new ideas are constantly flowing into our products. In this way, we take the fast pace of the demanding marketplace into account and ensure an investment piece of mind for our partners and customers.

What is special about CID?

The demands on modern Internet infrastructure systems are growing enormously and reflect the fact that modern IT solutions are used company-wide and across the board. In addition to the common tasks of communication in the intranet and information on the Internet, there is now more than ever the need to integrate other business applications. CID GmbH occupies a special position in the market for providers of internet infrastructure software, as our product portfolio enables a close and efficient integration of content, commerce and community transactions.

For more than twenty years, CID has been helping sophisticated mid-sized companies and corporations implement strategic software projects. In addition to solutions in the media environment, CID has been serving customers for many years with solution applications in TRADING (wholesale, mail order and retail), FINANCE (leasing, investment & pension fund management) and IT management (roll out and IT asset management). With more than 200 employees across its locations Germany-wide, Bratislava in Slovakia and Kaunas in Lithuania, CID has a strong team of specialists in SOA-based software development, project management and business process management (BPM).

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